6th Q Film Festival @kineforum

Entering the 6th edition, Q! Film Festival comes up with the theme “Youth Revisited”, showcasing 80 international films from 22 countries with documentary, short and feature-length films.

Entries which are screened at kineforum are:



For these past few years, Victric Thng has brought a quixotic and poetic sensibility to Singapore cinema with a series of imaginative and exquisite short films that have garnered critical acclaim both locally and internationally.

A filmmaker of verve and invention, Victric creates lyrical stories that revive that precious sense of intimate human interactions and relations.

Recently named as one of the next wave of Singapore filmmakers to watch out for by The Straits Times, Victric Thng’s film presence is like still water runs deep – slowly, silently yet surely, flowing its way to the hearts of the audience where it finds home and truly belongs.

It is his sublime and insightful examination on the nature of identity, connection and desire for intimacy that sets him apart as one of the most promising filmmakers in Singapore today.

2004/4 minutes/colour
In Hakka with English Subtitles

A man reminisces his wedding day. A silent wish for happiness and security for his family, especially when plagues and diseases, wars and terrorism, natural disasters and adversities are rampant in this time. In such a time of many uncertainties and fear, one can only hope and pray.

Rotterdam Film Festival, Singapore Film Festival

Closer Apart
2005/14 minutes/colour
In Mandarin with English Subtitles

A roomful of strife. A bagful of doubts and dispute. A pair of young lovers found themselves in a doomed relationship, only to realize that sometimes to be apart is for the need to feel closer.

Almaty Film Festival, Festival Signes De Nuit-Paris

Goodbye, Firefly
2004/5 minutes/colour
No Dialogue with English Subtitles

The end of a brief affair.

NTU Focal Film Festival, Potenza Film Festival

Guardian, The
2005/12 minutes/colour
In Mandarin with English Subtitles

Like a lingering spirit, a wandering soul, a dancing angel, a loitering phantom. A revisit to an old favourite haunt brings back a familiar sense of closeness. A dance film that brings tribute
to the old Capitol Theatre in Singapore.

NTU Focal Film Festival, Arts Central Singapore, Destination Dance

2003/8 minutes/colour
In Japanese with English Subtitles

Like a melancholy poem, a song of sorrow. A lyrical visual portrait of remorse and separateness.

Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival, Busan Asian Short Film Festival

2003/4 minutes/colour
In Cantonese with English Subtitles

A short lyrical piece of one’s memory on a momentary encounter that brought back both fondness and bitterness of heart.

Tribeca Underground Film Festival, Mar Del Plata Film Festival

Mole, The
2006/12 minutes/colour
In English

Little Molly Parker fell sick one autumn. Her worried parents quickly summoned the family doctor – Mr Anderson, to come attend to her. The first visit from the doctor was such a titillating experience that Molly secretly hopes for his next visit. Her dark desire leads to an unexpected turn in her life. A whimsical tale about longing and pining.

Gold Award-Panasonic MDA Digital Film Fiesta, IndPanda Short Film Festival

2003/3 minutes/colour
In Mandarin with English Subtitles

A short piece about loss and misses.

Jury Award-“Fly-By-Night” Video Challenge, Yokohama International Art-Triennal

2004/6 minutes/colour
In Mandarin with English Subtitles

You are what you collect. A film that is really about re-looking into one’s space – living space, private space, inner space…and thus rediscovering yourself in the process.

2007/1 minutes 30 seconds/colour
No Dialogue with English Subtitles

A yearning for togetherness.

Festival Programs

Party Monster
Director: Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato
USA 2002/99 minutes/colour
In English

The true story of Michael Alig, the real life NYC party promoter who was often compared to Andy Warhol and helped reinvent the New York nightlife in the early 1990s. At his peak, he ran successful parties at several clubs and had his own magazine. When he boasted to the press that he had killed his drug dealer, his friends and the press thought it was another of his publicity stunts – until a body washed in New York’s East River and Alig’s world began to unravel. PARTY MONSTER is based on the book DISCO BLOODBATH by James St. James.

Sundance Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival

Director: Philippe Vallois
France 2006/90 minutes/colour
In French with English Subtitles

Beirut in ruins in 1994, a presbytery in the heart of a French forest, a stopover in Morocco… A man destroyed by his lover’s death tries to get on with life, helped by meeting a man he helps to come out. The destiny of three lovers tied up in a story of separation and desperate yet poetic reconstruction. Rites of initiation (raw sex between men outside the canons of physical possibility), the game of exchanging taunting looks, part fiction, part reality. A type of filmmaking that is different, sensual, creative and fecund-photogram after photogram. A rare and precious film.

Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Madame Sata
Director: Karim Aïnouz
Brazil 2002/105 minutes/colour
In Portuguese with English Subtitles

From a run-down boarding house in the heart of Lapa João Francisco shares his world with Laurita, prostitute and “wife”; Firmina, Laurita’s daughter; and Taboo, accomplice in petty crimes and “slave”. The patriarch of this chosen “family”, João Francisco is well acquainted with the local underworld: he is on good terms with Amador, owner of the Blue Danube bar, where prostitution, drugs and police corruption run wild. His strong temper, his skills in capoeira-style fighting make him a feared and fascinating character. He is an excellent fighter, and always reacts to provocation, whether from bar customers or the police. One night, João Francisco meets Renatino, with whom he falls in love.

Best Film-Chicago International Film Festival, Best Actor-Cinema Brazil Grand Prize

The Adventure of Iron Pussy 4
Hui Jai Tor Ra Nong 4
Director: Apitchapong Weerasethakul and Michael Shaowanasai
Thailand 2003/90 minutes/colour
In Thai with English Subtitles

Iron Pussy is the attractive spy girl who has everything that a girl should be – She has both perfect manner and figure. She is now ready for her next mission – disguising as a maid in a mansion of Madam Pompadoy to investigate her suspicious business. Being very patient from an evil senior maid who keeps bullying her, Iron Pussy is finally destined to meet Tang, the hunk son of Madam Pompadoy. At that moment, Iron Pussy realizes the conflict in her heart between love and her own mission that needs to be completed.

Berlin Film Festival, Cinemasia Film Festival

Coklat Stroberi
Director: Ardy Oktaviand
Indonesia 2007/100 minutes/colour
In Indonesian
Key and Citra are two best friends who share a house in Jakarta. They are university students and work part-time. One day they can no longer afford the house rental fee. The house owner then forced them to share with two more guys: Nesta and Aldi. This ‘house invasion’ gives a new colour to their lives especially Key who quickly falls for Nesta. But little that Key and Citra know that Nesta and Aldi are actually lovers.

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