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Cinemalaya 2005 & 2006 Shorts

MANSYON by Joel Ruiz

A middle-aged couple, Ambo and Dolores, are hired as caretakers of a large, opulent house for the duration of three months. The couple has fallen into a psychic rut, mechanically doing their housework. Until one day, Dolores finds a red perfume bottle…

(Boiling Point) by Lawrence Fajardo

Life in a wet market in the provinces spells danger. A young vegetable vendor and his family are oppressed by the market thugs. But things always have a breaking point.

Hidup didalam keadaan pasar yang lembab disebuah propinsi yang terdengar sangat berbahaya. Penjual sayur muda dan keluarganya selalu ditekan oleh penjahat pasar. Tetapi ada Sesutu hal yang akan menjadi

BABAE (Woman) by Sigrid Bernardo

Two disparate (and desperate) girls are brought together by fate. As they grow up in the slums of Manila, they find solace in each other’s company. And this develops into something much deeper.

BLOOD BANK by Pam Miras

Dea is suffering from a strange blood disease. Every week she must get a transfusion. One night, she is mugged by a rogue named Cleto. Going through her wallet, he discovers Dea’s secret.

Cinemalaya 2006 Shorts

ORASYON (Prayer) by Rommel Tolentino

An old woman in an old house feels that her only son has been neglecting her. Despite her daily prayers and visits to church, she remains alone and desolate. Until one day, a stranger comes into her life.

PUTOT (Small Fry) by Jeck Cogama

A young boy cares for his mentally challenged father in a slum area that is about to be demolished. While trying to make a living selling shellfish, he meets Mayang, a girl slightly older than him. Soon he finds himself enamoured with the lass.

Cinemalaya 2007 Shorts

DOBLE VISTA (Double Vision) by Nix Lanas, Nisha Alicer & Caren Crisologo

A witty and visually exciting tr ibute to Godard and the Nouvelle Vague centering on a lovelorn writer and his mystery lady.

GABUN (Cloud) by Emmanuel Dela Cruz

The mystifying tale of a Muslim lass who is determined to attend her classes… no matter what.

DUROG (Smashed) by Tara Illenberger

A beautiful maid goes to work for a spaced-out, spoiled addict. But there’s more to this that meets the eye.

MISTERYO NG HAPIS (Sorrowful Mystery) by Mark Dela Cruz

A young man comes to terms with himself and his sexuality during his father’s wake.

MAIKLING KWENTO (Short Story) by Hubert Tibi

Eight-year old Joey’s best friend is an older Chinoy (Chinese-Filipino mestizo) – both dream of a better life as they watch the planes fly by.

LIWANAG SA DILIM (Light in the Darkness) by Lawrence Fajardo

The dangers of substance abuse is the central theme of this enigmatic film – two characters are seemingly bound together by some unseen force.

TAGAPAGLIGTAS (Protector) by Ma. Solita Garcia

Lupe is an overprotective mother to her daughter Cristina. She is also an abortionist in a makeshift clinic in bustling Manila. Trouble happens where her handsome young tout, Anghel, fixes his eye on her daughter.

ROLYO (Film Roll) by Alvin Yapan

A farming family supports themselves in between harvests by catching birds and selling them each Sunday outside a provincial church.

TO NI by Vic Acedillo Jr.

A bored kid in an isolated village finds new ways to amuse himself… with the figure of the Santo Niño (Holy Child Jesus)

NINEBALL by Enrico Aragon

Want to know why Pinoys dominate the billiards world?


Cinemalaya 2005 Full-Length

ANG PAGDADALAGA NI MAXIMO OLIVEROS (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros)
by Auraeus Solito & Michiko Yamamoto

An international film festival favorite – about a delicate, young boy who falls in love with a handsome cop. Winner, 2006 Berlinale Kinder Festival.

Cinemalaya 2006 & 2007 Exhibition Film

ANG DAAN PATUNGONG KALIMUGTONG (The Road to Kalimugtong) by Mes Guzman

A simple yet stunning cinematic feat: two children in a remote mountain barrio must trek to school two hours each day.

Cinemalaya 2006 Full-Length

BATAD: SA PAANG PALAY (Batad: At the Mountain’s Edge) by Benjie Garcia & Vic Acedillo Jr. (2006)

Set in the picturesque Banawe highlands, a young dropout helps his family by selling vegetables in a local market. The only thing he yearns for is a pair of rubber sneakers. But destiny have other plans for him.

Dengan set didalam sebuah lukisan pegunungan, seorang anak muda yangputus sekolah membantu keluarganya dengan cara menjual sayur-sayura di pasar local.

Cinemalaya 2006 Opening Film

KUBRADOR (The Bet Collector) by Jeffrey Jeturian

Another world film festival mainstay – about a woman (played stunningly by much-awarded actress Gina Pareno) from the slums who collects illegal gambling bets for a living.

Cinemalaya 2006 Full-Length

ROTONDA (Circle) by Ron Bryant (2006)

An intersection in the rough side of Manila – from dawn to the next dawn, we follow the lives of five disillusioned characters: a tabloid reporter, a sexy dancer, a fallen henchman, a runaway lass and a long-suffering son.

Cinemalaya 2006 Full-Length

TULAD NG DATI (Same As Before) by Michael Sandejas (2006)

A tribute to the legendary 80’s Pinoy rock band, The Dawn, and played by the band members themselves. Jet Pangan, the band vocalist is hit on the head by a burglar… and finds himself loosing his memory and retracing the memories of his past.

Penghormatan terhadap band rock pinoy tahun 80-an.

Manila by Night by Ishmael Bernal (1980) An esemble of desperate characters trapped between the city’s lure of a better life and its dark and ghastly ways of providing for its residents. The impoverished women pin their hopes on the city and the men lure them into prostitution, drugs and crime. Manila by Night is a keen look into the social problems affecting Manila’s underworld. With its controversial bold visual imagery, it is a brilliant reflection of the reality that the Filipino has yet to confront.


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